Frequently asked questions


I would like to attend an APICS "instructor led" course. When are these courses held?
ZHAW School of Management and Law in cooperation with Full Speed Systems AG does offer such courses. The course dates you will find here. We require at least five participants before we can offer a course. For enquiries about courses, please contact

What is in-house training?
If several people within a company are interested in a course, it is possible to organize an in-house training, where our instructor holds a course on-site at the company’s offices. The current terms and conditions can be obtained from

Includes the course costs also the APICS membership?
No, participating in one of our courses does not include the APICS membership. The membership can (but doesn't have to) be purchased directly from APICS. The costs and benefits of the different membership types can also be taken from the corresponding APICS page.

Registration for tests

How can I register for a test?
The best way to register for the CPIM/CSCP is through (Registration form).

Can I register for more than one CPIM module (CPIM Version 5.0)?
Yes, a maximum of two tests or modules can be completed on each day of testing.

When is the test fee billed?
We bill the test fee after the close of registration, around four weeks before the test. It is payable within 10 days. The test fee must always have been paid before the date of the test.

How do I know that online registration has been successful?
Your registration is forwarded directly to us and we confirm it with a short e-mail. If you have not received the e-mail confirmation within two days, please send another e-mail to

Do I incur any costs if I cancel my registration for a test?
There is no cost up to the close of registration. Between the close of registration and the cancellation date specified by APICS, registration can be cancelled for a fee. After this date, there is no repayment of the test fee. Exception: the test can be postponed at no cost upon presentation of a medical certificate. There is also a rescheduling deadline four weeks before the test date before which the test can also be rescheduled with no charge.

I have registered for the CPIM BSCM test and now also want to take the MPR test. Is that possible?
Yes, the module can be changed free of charge up to four weeks before the test, at the latest.

How much are the cancellation fees?
Registration can be cancelled up to two weeks before the test for a fee of CHF 95.00 for CPIM and CHF 295.00 for CSCP. After that date, the full test fee is due. Cancellation can be made orally or in writing.

I want to register for the CSCP test. What do I have to do?
To be allowed to take the CSCP test, you first have to apply for eligibility. You can register for the test only after APICS has checked and approved your application. Please note that there is a due date for applications. You can obtain further details from


It is one week before the test and I still have not received my APICS confirmation notice. What should I do?
If that is the case, send an e-mail to immediately or call: +41 (0)58 934 49 92.

Do I have to take any documents with me to the test?
Registration is thirty minutes before the test. You must have the confirmation notice you received by mail and some identification, such as a driving license, passport or ID card. Please also bring a pencil and eraser to the test. A simple, non-programmable calculator and an English-German dictionary are also allowed.

Where is the test held?
You can choose between different location. More information you can find on the webpage of Pearson VUE (

In which language is the test conducted?
The test is conducted in English.

How long does the test last?
Candidates are allowed a maximum of 3.5 hours for the tests.

Unfortunately, I could not take the test because of an accident. What should I do?
In case of accident or sickness, the test can be rescheduled to the next available date on presentation of a medical certificate within a deadline of two weeks after the test date. Please send the medical certificate to


When does APICS issue certificates?
APICS will send candidates a certificate in the following cases:

  •     upon passing a Basics of Supply Chain Management (BSCM) test
  •     upon CPIM certification and successful completion of all CPIM modules
  •     upon passing a CSCP test

APICS does not issue certificates for the other CPIM modules (MPR, DSP, ECO and SMR).

When will I receive my certificate?
APICS usually sends us the certificates with 8 to 9 weeks after the test. The certificates are briefly checked by ZHAW & FSS upon receipt and then forwarded to candidates immediately.


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